PvE Condition Damage

When I looked at condition based Mesmer the staff came to mind, as it does for everyone. For some reason I was never a huge fan of the staff and the damage just didn’t seem like it was there. When I first read Sharper Images my prayer was answered for a second weapon set for the staff condition Mesmer. With the Phantasmal Duelist and a decent crit rate you can stack bleeds pretty quickly. The only thing that was needed was a way for me to stack bleeds myself and that came in the power as sigil of earth.

Quick link to GW2DB build. (Note, GW2DB is STILL not updated to live.)



Condition Damage, Precision, Power, Critical Strike Damage, Vitality

Each piece of gear you pickup should have Condition Damage as it is where to majority of your damage will be coming from. After that it is important to stack Precision until 40-50% critical strike chance. Power, Critical Strike Damage, and Vitality are great third stats and I recommend a smattering of each. A full set of Rampager’s gear is a great starting point, be sure to add in some vitality for extra surviability.


Sword, Superior Sigil of Earth (60% chance on critical strike to inflict bleeding for 5 seconds.)

Pistol, Superior Sigil of Rage (10% chance on critical strike to gain quickness for 3 seconds, 45 second cooldown)

You’re major weapon set is the sword and pistol. While leveling and most dungeons your ability set will allow you to get up close and personal. Blurred Frenzy and Magic Bullet will usually be enough to keep you alive if timed correctly. Sigil of Earth and Phantasmal Duelist will stack bleeds quickly on your target. Be sure to keep as many duelists up as you can afford. If it looks like you will be unable to invul or interrupt a large attack don’t be afraid to pop Distortion.

Staff, Sigil of Force (5% increased damage)

The staff is your fall back weapon. When you say condition build Mesmer most players will suspect staff, for good reason. You and your clones can easily stack many conditions on your target in a short amount of time. Phantasmal Warlock rounds out the staff giving it the extra boost of damage it otherwise lacks.

Rune Set

Major Rune of the Adventurer.

Power, Condition Damage, and when you use a heal gain 100% endurance.

While there may be some better rune sets (Thief) I love to dodge, with vigor up most of the time I dodge often. If I am healing I probably am out of endurance.

Alternatives, Major Rune of the Thief.

Slot Skills

Ether Feast

With your ability to produce illusions so frequently the health per second on Ether Feast is one of the best.

Mirror is an excellent alternative if you are decent at timing it properly.

Mirror Images

An all around excellent ability. With Signet of Illusions this summons two tanks to soak up some damage.


Yet another clone producing ability. Decoy’s stealth is the major reason for running it.

Use this ability to drop aggro and let your clones pick it up.

Signet of Illusions

This signet turns your clones in to mini tanks.

Increase the health of your clones, the more hits they take the less hits you take.

Time Warp

Mainly used for fighting veteran mobs and the end of group events. Quickness is a fantastic boon that you just don’t see often enough. Be sure to summon your clones and phantasms before laying down the quickness.


Domination: 10 Points unlocking Empowered Illusions.

When you are fighting a champion mob and you drop 3 phantasmal duelists and just watch them unload over and over again you realize the power of this trait. But this isn’t just for champs. When you open up with duelists and get a clone up, the second unload timed with your blurred frenzy and followed up by a mind wrack can do about half of a normal mobs health.

Dueling: 20 Points unlocking Blade Training and Duelist’s Discipline.

Cooldown reduction is just the icing on the cake in this trait line. The real power is actually from the 15 point auto trait Sharper Images. Your clones share your critical strike chance  which means at around 50% critical chance your duelist will stack an average of 4 bleeds each time it attacks, add in your own bleeds and your clones bleeds and you bleed out enemies pretty quick.

Chaos: 10 Points unlocking Illusionary Defense.

9% reduced damage is just a little bit of extra survival for those harder fights.

Inspiration: 0 Points


Illusions: 30 Points unlocking Compounding Power, Phantasmal Haste, and Illusonary Persona.

Increased damage, faster phantasms, and an extra shatter, what more could you want?

Seriously, the extra damage is great from Compounding. Phantasmal Haste is the reason for this build to trait in to Illusions. Persona is great utility, it lets you open up with a shatter before you even have an illusion out. Learn to use it to it’s fullest potential.